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1. Definitions

1.1. SoCal Beats staff shall also be referred to as we, us, our, the company, the DJ.

1.2. The client shall also be referred to as you, your, the hirer, the booker.

2. Booking Details

2.1. All bookings are finalized on an invoice and it is the responsibility of the client to make sure that all details are correct at time of booking.

2.2. The client ensures that all details of the venue are correct. Upon inspection of the venue, should the company find any discrepancies, SoCal Beats staff will report to the client and discuss any issues that may affect the booking.

2.3. There will be adequate set up time available; usually 45-90 minutes before the start time of the gig and 30-60 minutes after the gig to break the set down (additional set up time may be required depending on package).

2.4. The client and company both confirm there are no third party interests.

2.5. Start and end times are stated on the invoice, however, it is possible to request an extension provided that the DJ is available and that the venue is able to agree to the extended performance time. Additional payment will be required (see section: 3 item: 3.4).

3. Payment of Events and Functions

3.1. A non-refundable deposit of 50% of total invoice is due at time of booking to secure the date.

3.2. Remaining balance must be received on or before the date of event. Payment can only be made in cash.

3.3. Failed payment of any fees owed will result in pending legal action.

3.4. Additional hours or extended performance requests will be addressed at time of booking. If the booker would like an extension on the day of the event, payment to the DJ will be required before any extended performance commences.

4. Cancellations

4.1. In the event of cancellation, SoCal Beats will retain the deposit. Cancellations must be made in writing or by e-mail. We do not accept telephone cancellations.

4.2. Should the date be cancelled beyond the client’s reasonable control i.e. failure to supply adequate facilities by the venue, bereavement etc., rescheduling will be offered based on availability.

5. Conduct

5.1. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that all guests conduct themselves in a proper manner at all times.

5.2. The client will provide adequate supervision of its guests, including children at the venue and will be liable for any loss of, or damage to, the equipment or personal belongings of the DJ caused by attending guests.

5.3. SoCal Beats does not tolerate violent, aggressive or abusive behavior from anyone under any circumstance. We reserve the right to terminate our services at any time should we feel our personal safety is compromised or under threat. We do not take responsibility for ejecting any unwanted persons from any venue. You will be advised of any problems that we may have with any of your guests.

5.4. With respect to minors at any function, there must be an adequate ratio of responsible persons to minors. The company cannot be held responsible for the sole supervision of minors.

5.5. SoCal Beats staff will act responsibly and professionally during their attendance and will set up and run the event as requested by the client. Where legal and venue restrictions apply that conflict with the client’s wishes, it will be pointed out as and when they become apparent.

6. Security.

6.1. The client will be responsible for the safety and security of SoCal Beats staff and the theft of items owned by the company, including damage to vehicles and equipment on site.

6.2. The company is not liable for any damage to the venue except in cases of gross negligence by SoCal Beats staff. Any potential hazard must be pointed out by the client, event coordinator or venue staff at the time of set up.

6.3. The hirer/booker remains responsible for any damage to our equipment caused by any person at the event. You will be charged for the full cost of any repairs required. You will be advised of any damage as soon as it is caused.

7. Health and Safety

7.1. The company will abide to the rules and regulations of health & safety at all events.

7.2. In the event of fire, flooding, public disturbance, terrorist activity or any other threat to the public, SoCal Beats staff will not be automatically required to help in any way to evacuate the venue or building unless the fire regulations for the venue specify otherwise and the staff member is made aware before the start of the event.

8. The Venue

8.1. The client will ensure suitable time for the installation, dismantling, and removal of equipment. The client also ensures that safe and adequate power is available.

8.2. The client must ensure that there is adequate, safe and secure parking for the DJ on the day of the event and for unloading and loading of the equipment.

8.3. If the agreed start time is delayed due to limited or no access to the performance area, or any other delay beyond the DJ’s reasonable control, the company will not be liable for any refund whatsoever.

8.4. If you are booking other entertainment such as singer, comedian, band etc., in addition to our DJ, please inform us on the amount of available space for equipment.

8.5. We reserve the right to refuse to continue any event prior to the start should there not be sufficient floor space to allow for audio and lighting equipment to be assembled safely.

8.6. We reserve the right to substitute alternative entertainment and equipment should circumstances out of the DJ’s control dictate the need to do so.

8.7. We will not be responsible for any damage or loss to private or public property caused by invited or uninvited guests, venue staff or members of the public.

8.8. Bookings are taken on the understanding that the venue is in possession of the required entertainment and liquor licenses. We are not responsible for venues found to be in breach of the terms of their license.

8.9. The end time as set by the venue cannot be changed or extended by the DJ and is the sole responsibility of the event coordinator or venue representative to give permission to the DJ to extend the performance time and subject to section: 2 item: 2.5.

9. General

9.1. We reserve the right to alter any or all of the above at any time.

9.2. Please contact us for further clarification of any of the above terms.

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